Tuesday, August 19, 2008

*Lights* Camera ◙ Action! Take 2...

This week, I bring you *HORROR*! Out of all genres, horror flicks is #1 on my list. I love the adrenaline rush I get when I watch these movies. Knowing that these movies are primarily fiction (although some are based on true events) is the main reason I don't get scared by them. Below are some clips/and trailers from my favorites!

"The Strangers"

This douche is no stranger on Mtv's The Hills.

Rob Zombie's "Halloween"

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (The Original)

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (2003 feat. Jessica Biel)

Some of my other favorite scary movies include "Fire From the Sky", the original "Halloween" series, "Friday the 13th" & "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series, "The Mothman Prophecies", "Wrong Turn", "The Hitcher" (2007) and a oldie but goodie "Wheels of Terror."

What horror movies (if any) are your favorite?


evilesb138 said...

I thought "The Strangers" was very good...I was pleasantly surprised that a new horror movie could be somewhat original.

"Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is my favorite scary movie of all time. We even had a nice romantic evening watching it together!!

Why did you put creepy flesh colored beard guy in there?

Zombie's Halloween will always have a special place in me for some odd reason??!!

My other favorites include: "Night of the Living Dead" (original), the first two "Halloween" movies, the first two "Friday the 13th" movies.

Anonymous said...

I have not yet seen "The Strangers," but I want to. I like the original TCM, but have not seen the remake (not sure I want to).

"Halloween." Never before was I disappointed by a Rob Zombie movie. Talk about taking artistic license. Remember, evil has no reason.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

I want to see the "Strangers" too.. I liked the "Halloween" series and "Freddy" movies.. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" both movies were scary.. Great post btw..

Tara said...

Ohhh, my...decisions, decisions. I love horror too, but I'll try to limit my list to fifty. ;)

- The Haunting (1960s version in black-n-white)
- The Uninvited (another oldy)
- The Legend of Hell House
- The Exorcist
- The Omen
- Poltergeist (Poltergeist II was kind of creepy with that old man in it)

I was curious about the movie you mentioned, "The Strangers", and was going to rent it.

Tara said...

Oh and "The Fog" (original)

laura b. said...

I know I am in the minority of not being a very big horror fan :-}

A couple of movies that I like that could probably be considered horror are The Shining and Misery.
And would An American Werewolf in London count?

BeckEye said...

Have you ever seen "White Noise?" That one creeped me out.

The best horror movie I've seen in the longest time is "The Orphanage." It's in Spanish, so there are subtitles but it is SO good, you won't even notice. And it's not super-scary but the plot and acting are fantastic. The ending is beautiful and tragic all at once.

*Renee* said...

Evil-E: When I first saw the trailer for "The Strangers" I knew it was going to be good, and I was pleasantly surprised as well and in the end I thought it was awesome. A++++++++++ all the way.
Yeah Texas Chainsaw is da bomb!!!
I put that douche bag up as a joke ha haa! He's just down right creepy! And yeah that Halloween movie was awesome and a great 1st date - although at the time it wasn't considered a "date" *date*!

Aliencg: The Strangers is a MUST SEE!

Mrs. Hairy Woman: Yes, I don't think you'll be disappointed if you rent that movie! And thank you for the kind words :D!

Tara: Good choices! I haven't seen "The Fog" but I may check it out one day.

Laura B: Ah, it's all good! We all have different taste in movies. The Shining was an excellent movie! The sad thing is I can relate to having cabin fever esp. during the winter time! I want to get out of Cleveland so bad when the winter strikes and I feel trapped everywhere. Sure, American Warewolf counts! I've seen bits and parts of that movie and it was alright :)!

*Renee* said...

BeckEye - White Noise was alright, kind of creepy - kind of reminded me of "The Mothman Prophecies" with the whole static and voice thing :)! Never heard of "The Orphanage." I may check it out sometime! Thanks!

And THANKS AGAIN for everyone who responded :D!

MrManuel said...

We love horror films. My favorites off the top of my head...

Dawn of the Dead remake
Nightmare series
The Ring
Lost Boys(slightly horror)
Scream series

and my all time favorite movie overall over any genre - From Dusk Til Dawn.

dmarks said...

- Exorcist. But I only watched it for the music.
- Gargoyles
- The Shining
- The Stand
- 5 Million Years to Earth ka Quatermass and the Pit.

Maybe I need to do a post on this and link back.

*Renee* said...

MrManuel: Good choices once again! Yes, SCREAM series were good (the best was the first one) & The Lost Boys was another excellent flick! I love <3 Corey Haim haa haa :D!

Dmarks: Ah cool, I will check it out! Thanks!

dmarks said...

"Quatermass and the Pit" aka "Five Million Years to Earth" is science fiction based horror. It is old, British, not shown on TV, and only available on DVD anymore. IF you are familiar with Stephen King, the plotline is very roughly in the "Tommyknockers" category.

I have mentioned and blogged about it some, inciuding this post. Any time Martian crickets are mentioned, it is from this movie.