Thursday, July 24, 2008

Toilet Thursday!

Every Tues & Thursday I will review the best & the worst toilets around town. Ever since I was a wee lil' kid, I was fascinated with TOILETS. *WHY?* you may ask, heck if I know. Maybe in my past life (if there's such a thing) I was an animal of some sort always looking for a place to go or maybe I was the person who invented the best invention around ;)! You just never know...

Beachwood Place (or as I call it "Bitchwood" Mall - love the stores - not the people). They remodeled the whole place and the bathrooms in the food-court (pic below) are beautiful!

When I get a pimpin' camera one of these days - I'm going to take lots of pics for you fine folks ;)! Until then, I will take what I can get ;) off the net. Shhhhhh - don't blow my cover now. Back to the bathrooms now. The bathrooms there are very clean, automatic flushes (which tend to be a bitch at times and not work when you stand and then ya gotta find that lil tiny button to make it work), automatic sinks 'n' all. It feels like a Japanese resort when you walk in! The walls are painted light brown (like the color of chocolate milk) and the doors to each stall resemble rice paper. The essence you get when you walk in is very refreshing :)!

And at Nordstrom's - they have a huge bathroom with a seating/waiting room that's bigger than my apartment. You could literally throw a party up in there. There are about 10 stalls in there & it's always been very clean when I've gone in there.

Beachwood Place gets an A+ !!!


evil-e said...

They did have some quality cans there. The bathrooms were nicer than some of the places I have lived.

I like the feature already...hope you have lots of material for it and it keeps going for years. May there be a bathroom everywhere you walk.

Michael said...

My son and I call these (bathrooms with automatic flush/automatic water) "bathrooms of tomorrow".

Tara said...

That first photo with the puppy is funny. They need to make a drinking fountain the shape of a running faucet for cats.

I used to explore the bathrooms in every restaurant my family went to. My favorite was at a place in Texas called Le Madelaine's. Very clean and classy.

laura b. said...

You are the George Kostanza of Ohio :-)

BS Blogger said...

Evil-e: YES, they sure did :)! Thank you! As you're aware, I've been to many LOOS out there haa haaa.

Michael: They are def. the bathrooms of tomorrow.

Tara: There probably is a fountain out there for your cats. Thanks for the bathroom experience :)! If I ever go to Texas, I'll know where to go.

Laura B. - Hee hee thanks :)!

AlienCG said...

I have yet to even go to Beachwood Place (it doesn't matter if I ever do) so I have no idea what their bathrooms looked like before.

Somehow I think I would trust your opinion.