Thursday, July 24, 2008

Say What?!?! ~ Funny words of the day

ANGINA - Sounds like a problem going on down there in a girl's southern region but the actual definition is:

-noun Pathology.
1. any attack of painful spasms characterized by sensations of choking or suffocating.
2. angina pectoris.
3. any disease of the throat or fauces.

PIANIST - I used to play the piano so I know all about this word but when it's stated out-loud it sounds funny :)! Sounds like penis with an "ist" at the end.

a person who plays the piano, esp. one who performs expertly or professionally.


MrManuel said...

Welcome to blogger world! Enjoy your stay.

evil-e said...

hey about my pianist and your angina get together and conjugate!!

Tara said...

Hi Renee!! Congratulations on your blog! Here's to many more posts from the newest member of the blog family. :D

AlienCG said...

I always thought pianist sounded like a dog with a bladder problem.

Michael said...

OK, I'll say it.

There is a terrible, slightly off color joke involving the word "pianist". I'll go ahead and tell it anyway, even against my better judgement.

A man walks into a bar carrying a messenger bag. He sets the bag on the floor and puts his head in his hands and begins to sob loudly on the bartop. The barkeep comes over and says, "What's wrong, bub?"

Without saying a word, the man reaches into the bag, withdrawing a tiny piano and a tiny piano stool. He reaches back into the bag and takes out a tiny man, one foot high. He sets the man gently on the bar, and the man sits at the piano and begins to play. Mozart begins pouring out of the tiny piano.

"Wow, that's fantastic, buddy, where did you get that guy?"

"You see," the man begins, "I was walking down the beach, and I see this lamp. I figure it's some kind of a joke, but I rub it, and this genie pops out...", and the man begins sobbing again.

"Well, gee, pal, it seems to me you've got it made. You could make enough money in bar bets to never work again! Why are you crying?"

The man stops crying long enough to say,

"You really think I wished for a TWELVE INCH PIANIST?"

BS Blogger said...

*THANK YOU* :) to all! *LOL* at Evil-E ~ "YOU'RE BAD" haa haaa but that's funny!

LOL at Michael's response :D! Thanks for sharing that with us!

Shari said...

I can never hear or say the word "pianist" without wanting to giggle myself.

~mom2acat from Scrappy's