Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mario, Luigi, King Koopa, Nicole Richie & my former Spanish teacher!?!?!

WTF??? you may be asking yourself or questioning what the heck these people/some fictional ones have in common - right? After reading Tara's latest dream post, I'll go ahead and share my crazy dreams. Maybe there's something in Ohio water, I tell ya ;) haa haa.

Friday night - was strange dream #1. I was at an Italian Deli/restaurant with a group of people and King Koopa (YES that freaky green creature from Nintendo) was about to arrive and he wanted to "talk" to me. I became very nervous upon his arrival so I went upstairs to the bathroom and hid from the gang. I kept hearing my name being called so I finally gave in and went back to the table. THERE HE WAS - KING KOOPA himself sitting there but without a mask/or some silly green costume on. He was a big Italian fat man and he took me aside to confess his love for me. He wanted to impress me, so he took me into his private plane and said that he loved me and that Mario isn't right for me. Mario just happened to be (Evil-E) in this dream *LOL* ! I told King Koopa the truth - that my heart wasn't for him, it will always be with Mario and then he asked me about Luigi and then I was lost in space. I told him Luigi was never in my life and then when we landed and walked back into the restaurant, King Koopa went on his way and I walked in to celebrate my love with Mario. There was some Italian music playing and I danced on the table with Nicole Richie (she came out of no-where as well) and the last thing I said was "OPPA!" which means hooray in Greek.

Then Saturday night I had another strange dream. I was sitting in a classroom setting and my former Spanish teacher from high school, Mr. Turk (who I had a crush on back in the days) was teaching the class. As the bell rang & everybody left I sat at my desk and asked Mr. Turk if everything was ok, because he seemed really distraught & not like himself. He said yeah but paused. I figured it would be best to mind my own business so as I left his class he told me to wait. And then he said how he had a crush on me but then said something like "NO, this isn't right.... I'm just really confused!" I didn't know what to say so I left and then I talked to some girls who were in my study hall about it and then one girl asked me what was I going to do about it? and then I woke up!!! Damn*it -----> I hate when that happens!!! When you wake up from a dream and all you want to know is how is it going to end.

VERY WEIRD though, don't ya think? Anybody else having weird dreams lately?!?!? Post them here :)!


evil-e said...

No weird dreams here, but yours are enough for me.

When you told me about the first one Saturday morning I laughed. King Koopa is not exactly the stuff of dreams. I am flattered that I got be Mario...now I want some of the royalties from the video game empire he has built damn it.

Nicole Richie was probably coming from the bathroom where she had been throwing up dinner.

Good post....

Tara said...

And then your Spanish teacher rips off his human mask to reveal King Koopa!! AHHH!!!

LOL! That is awesome. Both dreams. Thank you for sharing these. Perhaps you're right, there IS something in Ohio water.

MrManuel said...

Yeah, no weird dreams lately. I can say though that without a doubt, there have never been video game characters in my dreams. I HAVE dreamt about playing video games though!

laura b. said...

Those are so funny! I hardly ever remember my dreams, but when I read about yours and Tara's I wish I did :-)

AlienCG said...

King Koopa!? Mario!? Nicole Ritchie? Now that's just weird. Did you eat pizza before bed that night?

minijonb said...


my dreams have been pretty lame lately. however, i move to a new city next week. that always gets my rem sleep going.