Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The story continues...But with *PICS* ☺

(from left to right) 1st Row: We met at Saddle Ridge out in Parma at a mutual friends b*day, then talked on Myspace, exchanged phone numbers & then a few days later he picked me up to hang out.
2nd Row: Went to this great Italian restaurant nearby *PIZZAZZ* & while I was eating and he was drinking coffee we checked out one another's eyes... From there, we went to see HALLOWEEN & then a few days later he came over to my new place.
3rd Row: That's the "back" view of my apartment. Since I just moved in, Evil-E came along and went shopping with me so I could buy everything from a vaccumm to light bulbs :) and then his quiet "Church Boy" self came out and opened up about things and then I developed a crush on him. Who would have known? --> That a $hopping trip would result in some funny stories? *LOL*
4th Row: We've gone to Squire's Castle numerous times since we've been dating & VOILA! - still strong today :)!!!
OK - by now there's been far too much lovey dovey posts going on. And HOW MANY TIMES can we look at the same pic?
Onto a NEW SUBJECT :)!!!


evilesb138 said...

and you say you are not creative....

I noticed the light bulbs first thing...I wonder if they are a certain kind?

I still laugh when you mention you thought I was a "church boy". You nailed that one!!

Good job, well done, gold star on the post. It is very nice, very cute, and very creative. I love you baby.

aliencg said...

Evil-E, the church boy?

laura b. said...

I, for one, have nothing against the lovey dovey posts. I love knowing that there is love like that out there.
Very nice montage!

Churlita said...

I'm with Laura B. It gives the rest of us hope.

I love the photo montage.

Mrs. Hairy Woman said...

since when is Evil-e a "church boy" ? that's cute.. I love the way you did this little montage with a bit of narration.. very creative.. don't ever sell your short.. you got lots of creativity in you girl!

Tara said...

Well done on the collage! I have yet to go to Squire's Castle, but it looks really cool.

dmarks said...

Great photo montage...

...Church boy?

*Renee* said...

Evil-E: I like those 3 way bulbs the best :)! Thanks for introducing those to me. My world is so much brighter now ☀ *lol*!

Alien: When I first met your bro he was so quiet, shy, friendly and charming I thought right away "This boy goes to church." LMFAO :)! Before him, I wasn't used to *nice* guys.

Laura B. - Thank you very much :)!

Churlita: Thank you, thank u!

Mrs. Hairy Woman: Thank you for the sweet kind words :)! Much appreciated :D! In regards to the church boy comment - please see above :)!

Tara: Thank u!!! Squire's is cool. I hope you have a chance to visit it one day :)!

Dmarks: LOL - please see above on why I thought Evil-E was a Church Boy. Ya know - looks are deceiving :)! Then again he doesn't look so innocent ha haa!